Before Your Operation

For Patients

It is important to know your medical history and to bring a list of your current medications to your appointment and admission to hospital.

Conditions that could affect your operation include

  • Do you have a bleeding disorder?
  • Are you on blood thinning medications?
  • Have you ever had a deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism or a blood clot?
  • Do you have a heart or lung condition?
  • Do you have Diabetes?
  • Smoking can increase the risk of complications and we recommend to all patients to cease smoking
person holding onto painful knee

Your admission paperwork will be completed at the time of your booking and a date can be provided at that time or you can contact our friendly staff at a later time to arrange a date for surgery.

Dr Brownlie aims to keep his patients as informed as possible. Information about the relevant surgery can be provided for on request and Dr Brownlie would insist that if you have any questions both he and his staff would be more than willing to try answer these.

Leading up to your operation, we recommend you to remain as active as is possible. This may include low impact physical exercise and specific prehabilitation therapy prescribed by your physiotherapist/chiropractor